Tunsbergdalsbreen Project


Tunsbergdalsbreen Project is an international project with the aim of making young people aware of climate change and the way glaciers react to these changes. It also wants to enable young people to make experiences and join nature activities in a beautiful glacial landscape as well as making them interested in natural science.

The changes of such a massive body of ice like Tunsbergdalsbreen can give us valuable information on climate change. On the annual expeditions the participants carry out a monitoring program worked out by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) and the Norwegian Glacier Museum. Within the program, indicators for the glaciers behaviour are mapped: the elevation of the glacier surface, the ice velocity and the front position. The changes of these indicators can tell us something about how climate is changing in Norway.

Tunsbergdalsbreen Project is a cooperation of The Norwegian Glacier Museum in Fjærland and the UK charity organisation Brathay Exploration Trust.



Test your skills - learn how to climb the ice.

Collect data in the field - just like a researcher.


Learn about our project, historical background, the glacier monitoring and the results.

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Do you want to join? You can be a contributor in raising awareness of climate change.

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